About URS

About URS

Testing, Training, Inspection, Product and Management Certification Services provided by URS Holdings (and its subsidiary companies) offers practical support for businesses, which is becoming an essential part of risk management.

Funding - URS is an independent family owned business and its commercial entity funded by clients fees.

All services provided by URS worldwide help customers Assure Confidence of their business.

What is Assuring Confidence about?

  • assuring confidence through quality and safety of goods and services
  • assuring confidence through security and safety
  • assuring confidence for all types of businesses through the application of international standards
  • assuring confidence through qualified (task relevant maturity) employees

When partnering with URS your company will gain in confidence, peace of mind and status.

URS Holdings offers services in more that 45 Countries on the basis of acquired accreditations.

Our Vision

We are committed to keeping our services, whether accredited, or otherwise, at the highest possible level in order to be able to support your business and its credibility.

We continually invest in our processes, services and people to make improvements and savings to ensure our competitiveness.

Our People

Our expert groups are professionally trained and have the necessary experience to understand your business in all areas and sectors, including private, public  and government institutions.

We fully understand the function of certification processess and standards, product testing, training requirements and independent inspection services, their importance and adaptation to the needs of an evolving market environment. All of our auditors, trainers and inspectors are selected and trained to ensure their work is conducted in a pragmatic and knowledgeable maner.

Our Customers

Our success depends on our partnership with our customers and we are proud to serve them, whether they are small, medium or large global, or state businesses.